February 13, 2017 Jay F.

The Mastering Show (Ep. 27)

Recently I had the pleasure of hanging out online with Ian Shepard and Jon Tidey on their newest episode of The Mastering Show! It was a ton of fun and also a good opportunity to help explain some of the unique workflows in game audio that don’t really exist in other forms of linear media. Some of the things discussed:

  • Why audio is critical to the gaming experience
  • How “mastering” works in games (Or how it doesn’t really work that way)
  • Challenges and solutions in gaming audio
  • How to measure the loudness of a game, what to aim for, and why it matters
  • Some of the best games for audio (way too many to list!)
  • Why Jon hates “3D sound”

You can listen to the whole thing here on their site Or on iTunes

Or here: