Below is a prototype of something I’ve been toying with for awhile that I call my “4-way Sequencer”. It’s still a work in progress that I’m hoping update with new functionality soon! New in V1.1, the ability to disable start squares!

What does it do?? Well, normally a sequencer you would click and the transport would move from left to right, and activate any area you clicked (like a drum machine). With mine, the “transport” is no longer there, and the sounds will activate when their squares reach the edge of the sequencer (which it spits out in each direction). So if you place a sound 1 square away from the edge, it will play every other beat, and a square placed right on the edge will play every beat (and so on). Try it out and experiment!


  • Use mouse and Left Click a square to make a ‘start square’ which emits other squares in each direction
  • ‘Start squares’ will fire off in each direction and the subsequent green squares move to each beat.
  • Once a green square reaches the edge a sound will play (more sounds in progress).
  • Click a ‘start square’ to disable it